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Niki de Saint Phalle - Assemblage No. 6
Saint Phalle, Niki de
Assemblage No. 6
Assemblage on a blue panel, 1961

Estimated price  15.000 EUR
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Warhol, Andy - Friedrich II
Warhol, Andy
Friedrich II
Silkscreen in colors. Synthetic polymer on canvas, 1986

Estimated price  500.000 EUR
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Warhol, Andy - Goethe
Warhol, Andy
Silkscreen in colors, 1982

Estimated price  300.000 EUR
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Warhol, Andy - Joseph Beuys
Warhol, Andy
Joseph Beuys
Acrylic with silkscreen and diamond dust on canvas, 1982

Estimated price  250.000 EUR
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Klapheck, Konrad - Die Jagd nach dem Glück
Klapheck, Konrad
Die Jagd nach dem Glück
Charcoal drawing on canvas, 1984

Estimated price  200.000 EUR
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Rauschenberg, Robert - Holy Lattice (Urban Bourbon)
Rauschenberg, Robert
Holy Lattice (Urban Bourbon)
Silkscreen ink and acrylic on enameled aluminum, 1988

Estimated price  180.000 EUR
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Warhol, Andy - Flowers
Warhol, Andy
Silkscreen in colors on canvas, 1964

Estimated price  180.000 EUR
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Wesselmann, Tom - Standing Nude
Wesselmann, Tom
Standing Nude
Steel Cut. Enamel on steel, 1985

Estimated price  120.000 EUR
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Klapheck, Konrad - Die Rettung
Klapheck, Konrad
Die Rettung
Oil on canvas, 1989

Estimated price  80.000 EUR
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